Autonomous Surveillance Watchdog Quadcopter

This watchdog drone is suitable for big properties or businesses that need 24 hours/day surveillance and especially for remote areas.

This is a completely automated drone and can be controlled remotely at any given moment and manually fly it and use it's camera with day/night and thermal vision.

Technical Specifications:

  • Auto take off and preset waypoints when sensors triggered
  • Can detect and avoid obstacles
  • Can detect movement and follow intruder
  • Camera with day/night/thermal vision
  • Can stream live video
  • Has 9 30W LED for night flight
  • Custom made batteries for longer flights and efficiency
  • Can automatically return to base and recharge batteries
  • Can be remotely accessed and controlled from ground station anywhere in the world
  • Option to send notification or alerts and status with SMS and emails
  • Option to notify police/security group when alert triggered